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This is what’s been going on in Venezuela the last few days. Please share this video.

Pray for Venezuela


People of the world, help us! VENEZUELA is fighting for it’s FREEDOM. Share this in every social media! #PrayForVenezuela #SOSVenezuela
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People of the world, help us! VENEZUELA is fighting for it’s FREEDOM. Share this in every social media! #PrayForVenezuela #SOSVenezuela

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I feel like crying.The situation in my country is terrible. I can’t believe such a beautiful country like Venezuela is going through this. Fucking military and motherfucking government I’m so done with all the bullshit you say everyday, i don’t give a goddamn about chavez and about your revolution of peace I just want a free and safe country where i can walk around without the fear of being robbed. It’s sad that if you get you phone stolen, the cops will do nothing. Yet Maduro says everything is fine. I’m so sad. I’m angry. I just want a new beggining for VENEZUELA.

In addition, I think the worst part is that we can’t even trust police-men, because sometimes they are the ones who robs us. The “president” talks about peace while he orders the military to attack us, when the military duty is (supposedly) to protect the population, but instead they protect the government and just harm us. Last, but not least, I think is not just the fact that we want to be able to walk at night on the street without the fear of being robbed, but, mostly, we want to be able to walk around without being killed.

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“‘The deepest and darkest places of hell are destined for those which in moments of crisis keep neutral positions’

Friends of mine across the globe, Venezuela needs of your support and consideration. Know that the political system implanted since 15 years ago is giving its finals and biggest DICTATORIAL steps.

Know that the international TV channel NTN24 was removed yesterday from TV Movistar and DirecTV programs in Venezuela to block the transmition of the violents events against the pacific manifestation by students, and at the same time to avoid the world seeing the totallity of people that want and demand a removal of this government.

Know that 4 venezuelans have died in the past few days, and the people who is in jail are student leaders and now there is a capture order against Leopoldo Lopez, an opositor leader, meanwhile the murders of these crimes haven’t been detained.

Know that the students and the rest of the venezuelans go out to protest with songs, flags, their voices and democratic spirit.

Know that in the last few hourse venezuelans are having problems to access and visualize pictures through the social media Twitter.

Know that in some cities the radio stations are not transmiting the protests and manifestations because “they have an order NOT to do it”.

Know, my friends, that they are shutting up Venezuela, and that the government is showing its truly colors now.

That is why we can NOT keep silence, and that is why Venezuela needs in these moments help and pronunciation of different nations of the region and the world, for solidarity and above all, for the respect of DEMOCRACY.

I ask all my international friends that PLEASE share these message to help me create human consciusness about what is happening in Venezuela, a nation that has given so much not only to its people but to neighbor and close countries.

Thank you very much.
I love you Venezuela, God bless you. #PrayForVenezuela”

-Richard De Sousa

Jan 18, 2014


Hey, Lovely people! To which club do you recommend me to go in London?

Jan 14, 2014

reambok asked: Welcome to London!

aww thank you so much!


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So… I’m in London!

Hi guys, I’m going to live in London for four months! I’m really excited about this, I’ve always wanted to come here…and here I am! I’m here to prepare myself for the TOEFL and, well, meet new people from all around the world (londoners included, so write me if you live here :D) and to get to know the culture and the city. It’s a new experience and it’s exciting!

So, yeah. Write me if you live here so we can meet =)


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introducing: tumblr users being smooth as fuck

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